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WaterWolf, a district planning commission, was created as a result of consultations with communities to find a way to assist them in accessing a variety of required services. It has evolved to include:  community planning, resource management, capacity building, sharing of services (water, sewer, emergency planning, Bylaw Enforcement Officers, Building Inspectors and bylaw creation.) Through municipal co-operation and the pooling of resources, mutually compatible decisions can be made. This creates a common standard which ultimately keeps future planning and investment more attractive. The formal launch of the WaterWolf Planning District came into effect on June 11, 2010 at the Dakota Whitecap First Nation. On this day, Minister of Municipal Affairs Jeremy Harrison signed the documents legislating our existence. We consist of 28 Rural and Urban Municipalities and one First Nation for a total of 29 governed bodies. This is a huge step in bringing regional planning to the Province of Saskatchewan.

What are the benefits of WaterWolf?

1. The annual membership fee provides your municipality with access to a contracted community planner. If your municipality were to hire out professional planning services, it could cost thousands of dollars for a one time deal. With WaterWolf, you have continual planning services and advice.

2. Your municipality has the right to use the Official Community Plan, also known as the WaterWolf Growth Management Plan, as well as a zoning bylaw. Both are included in the annual fee and are essential tools in the regulation of planning.

3. We are looking at investing our membership money into asset management, which will be put forth by Urban Systems.

4. Your municipality is included in potential bulk buy programs (Engineering Studies, Technical Assessments) so it is more cost effective per unit.

Last Updated: February 14, 2017