WaterWolf District Planning Comission

Projects of WaterWolf

WaterWolf GIS & Land Use Project

GOAL: “To manage the area with a view to long term sustainability, conserving distinctive features and optimizing the area’s economic, social and cultural opportunities and benefits.

MANDATE: Make recommendations to the Regional Round Table concerning medium and long term land use planning. Make recommendations for priorities in the development of data layers within the region (in other words, what should be the priorities for GIS digitization in the region).

* Develop a budget and timetable for digitization. 
* Engage appropriate government departments in dialogue. 
* Recommend governance structure and administration.


Develop a land use plan that addresses:
Tourism and Recreation;
Public Preserves;
Private Development Land Use Activities

Facilitate ongoing land use planning in cooperation with all 
regulatory agencies.

Create zones with the intent to manage:
Intensive Agriculture Development;
Protection for Wildlife Management, Diversity and Habitat;
Sand and Gravel Development, Complete with Reclamation Plan;
Policy for Gas and Oil Exploration;
Protected Archaeological, Heritage and Cultural Sites;
Land Management;

Considerations Included in Zoning Are:
Air Quality;
Light Pollution;
Noise Pollution;
Water Quality

Regional Water Technician

Mandate: Recommend to the Regional Round Table potential solutions to the issue of long term stability and sustainability in providing technical oversight for water quality to small communities in accordance with provincial regulations.

Give a clear report on the present status of water quality monitoring and analysis in the Round Table Region.
Outline how a Regional Solution might operate, including funding, governance and administration.



Danielson Park Pilot Project

Mandate: Recommend to the Regional Round Table a process and time table for development at or near Danielson Park as a demonstration pilot for tax and investment sharing.

* Engage appropriate provincial departmens in discussion about the concept and process.
* Determine how the pilot will fit with the tourism corridor model and other developments in the area. 
* Make recommendations regarding a tousism strategy for the region. 
* Make recommendations concerning infrastructure, road rationalization, etc. relevant to development. 
* Make recommendatins regarding the role of private investment in the pilot.


Investment & Tax Sharing


Mandate: Recommend to the regional round table a framework for municipal sharing of the cost of infrastructure development and for the sharing of taxes on new regional developments.

* Examine existing agreements for sharing taxes and development costs.
* Ensure that recommendations meet requirements of new municipal legislation and regulations. 
* Engage appropriate government departments in the development.